Key areas of concerns-social sector are:

Strategic interventions of state are required to establish a healthy society. Andhra Pradesh state despite showing decent economic progress, lags behind its southern counterparts. Reduction of IMR and MMR remain critical – There are 9 lakh births per annum and with MMR of 110 means 990 pregnant women will die in one year. It requires preventing 450 deaths to reach Kerala’s level of MMR of 60. Pregnant women having less than 40 kg weight, less than 21 year age and multiple pregnancies cause is the of concern and government support most critical. Preventing the deaths of infant children is important. Data reveals that the State needs to prevent 25,000 deaths of children every year to reach the level of Kerala.

The state with 67% literacy with 60 % female literacy is much below the National average literacy. Efforts to be taken to compete with advanced states. Quality education is the need of the hour. 81 lakh children in the age group 5 to 16 will need quality education and smart learning methods much beyond the existing capacity of the system. Issues relating to drinking water and sanitation are to be addressed on priority.

Inclusive growth to be achieved through implementation of schemes and sub plans and efforts are to be taken to ensure that benefits reach the targeted group Harnessing the strength of the Self Help Groups and to generate employment, create awareness, improve water-use efficiency and inculcate cleanliness among citizens, stands at the core of the development agenda.

Social Empowerment Mission:

This Mission launched in the month of February, 2015 focuses on:

  • Ensuring quality education, healthcare and nutrition for all citizens in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) ad/or other global indicators like Sustainable Development Goals that are being developed by United Nations.
  • Ensuring women empowerment and safety
  • Monitoring the quality of services and improving living standard of citizens
  • Networking with organizations, which are innovative and have set up models of good work
  • Ensuring specific focus on the disadvantaged sections of the society — especially the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes and Minorities and economically poor sections of other Castes to ensure growth with equity.

The key focus areas under Social Empowerment mission include providing quality education to children, improving service delivery in public health, ensuring nutrition for all and ensuring safety of women and citizens. The mission also lays special focus on serving the weaker sections of society.

Social Empowerment mission departments and sub-departments interact with other departments, within the State and also with departments under Government of India, external agencies such as banks, other state governments, private agencies and institutions for discharging various functions and delivery of e-Pragati services.