Service Sector Mission – The mission focuses on enhancing job opportunities, IT based Governance, tourism. The Mission would focus on enhancing job opportunities and boosting GSDP through the following growth engines:

  • Preparing a strategy and action plan for enhancing job opportunities and boosting GSDP through sectors like tourism, construction, hospitality, financial services, education, IT, and other allied activities;
  • Developing identified tourism circuits
  • Harnessing the potential of education and health sector to offer high quality services to other states and countries;
  • Achieving growth in IT sector through Electronics & IT Sub-Mission, Innovation & Capacity Building Sub-Mission and e-Governance Sub-Mission
  • Development of Information Technology Investment Regions
  • Making all G2C (government to customer) and G2B (government to business) services available online and on mobile;
  • Achieving significant share in national IT exports and promoting electronics manufacturing.

The key focus area of the departments under Service Sector mission is creating job opportunities by promoting tourism and information technology sectors thereby giving a thrust to tourism, hotel, real estate, banking, IT Services, transport and logistics. Service Sector mission departments and sub-departments interact with other departments, within the state and also with line departments of Government of India, external agencies such as Banks, other state governments, private agencies and institutions for discharging various functions and delivery of e-Pragati services.