e-Pragati is a framework that provides integrated services tocitizens through free flow of information. It is going to be used to usher in an era of good governance, characterized by efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and foresight.

e-Pragati, the Andhra Pradesh State Enterprise Architecture, is this new paradigm. It is a mission-centric approach and a framework, to galvanize the pan-government ecosystem by transcending boundaries to design and deliver services in a coordinated, integrated, efficient and equitable way that citizens and businesses demand and deserve, aimed to realize the Sunrise Andhra Vision 2022.


  • e-Pragati to be a catalyst for enhancing the effectiveness of implementing various developmental projects and welfare schemes undertaken by the government
  • Planning and monitoring of public sector schemes and projects to take advantage of GIS and satellite imaging technologies


  • e-Pragati to be an effective tool in realizing the vision of Sunrise Andhra Pradesh
  • e-Pragati to be rated among the best in the world and help Andhra Pradesh achieve top rank in global e-governance development index.
  • Andhra Pradesh to focus on quality of life of its citizens with a special emphasis on quality of education, healthcare, skill development, agriculture, infrastructure, and services

Citizen Centric

  • Citizens and businesses to have a seamless and smooth interface with government
  • Departments and government agencies to interoperate with ease and provide integrated services to citizens and businesses
  • Medium of paper to be minimized in all G2C, C2G, G2B, B2G, and G2G interactions


  • Digital divide to be adequately addressed, especially leveraging the mobile technologies
  • e-Pragati to enhance realization of participative and inclusive governance
  • Citizen engagement to be accomplished with ease and cost effectiveness


  • Government and citizens to be enables to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies like SMAC and emerging technologies
  • Principles of open data, open standards and open APIs to be ingrained in all information system development
  • e-Pragati to ensure the right balance between information security and privacy of personal data
  • Implementation phases of e-Pragati