We welcome you to be part of one of the world’s largest and most complex government digital transformation projects. e-Pragati initiative aims to help connect the state’s beneficiaries to 33 departments, 315 agencies, and 745 + citizen services.

As part of the Andhra Pradesh state’s “Sunrise AP 2022” mission to enhance the quality of life for its citizens, e-Pragati will bring integrated government services directly to citizens online. This saves time and costs by reducing the need to visit government offices and multiple departments while also eliminating paper-based inefficiencies and manual processes.

Envisioned by Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri N Chandrababu Naidu, a streamlined portal enables faster, secure, and consistent services for people and businesses across eGovernance, the primary sector, social empowerment, skill development, urban development, infrastructure, industrial development, and services. State departments will now use the power of the Pega platform and a stack of cutting-edge technologies to build applications, manage data & dashboards, and convert insights to actions across their operations realizing the vision of visible governance, invisible government.

You will be invited to get empaneled with the e-Pragati Authority, Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) to participate in the e-Pragati program for rapid rollout of projects across all the line departments.


Pre-requisite is to be a PEGA partner in one of the categories – Strategic Consultant, System Integrator or Registered Group with readily available Pega certified resources to deploy in Vijayawada / Amaravati and adequate experience of managing and delivering the projects at a rapid pace.

e-Pragati’s Centre of Excellence (COE) and Master SI (EY) reside at the core of digital transformation drive of the GoAP. Further to improve rapid and parallel development of applications in the “Digital Transformation Drive of the GoAP”, competent SI with the adequate experience of working with Pega Systems will be identified and authorized to be a part of the Empaneled SI Panel.


The scope includes extensive usage of the e-Pragati Core (PEGA) Platform to provide, configure, monitor and manage all integration points required to integrate all the e-Pragati packages for the free flow of information. All the inter-package, inter-application integrations shall be tool-driven, simple to develop and maintain, reasonably independent of changes to the backend systems of the applications and scalable.

The successful empaneled proposer may deploy Account Managers as resources at the e-Pragati Authority office without any cost to manage project operations, line departments’ projects, resources deployment/ replacements, logistics, administrative functions, payment & bill processing, and other agreement terms laid out in the ‘Empanelment Proposal’ and ‘Master Service Agreement’. The e-Pragati Authority will interact only with Account managers.

To be able to participate in the various business opportunities available,  the SI must be empaneled. Once you receive the open empanelment process document, you may need to do the following

  1. Submit required documents
  2. Submit proposal document purchase receipt
  3. Submit an original copy of the EBG
  4. Submit commercial compliance form

This Proposal will be evaluated by the “Empanelment Evaluation Committee”

  1. Once the “Empanelment Evaluation Committee” approves the proposal, proposer has to initiate the process for empanelment registration
  2. Letter of Empanelment (LOE) Issuance by “e-Pragati Authority”
  3. Receive necessary credentials for accessing the online platform
Vikram Baheti, Consultant, +91-9823448250
Madhav Katru, HR and Admin Manager, +91-99592 24312‬


  1. Areteans Tech
  2. JK Technosoft
  3. Ruletronics Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Tech Mahindra
  5. Yash Technologies

Note: Prospective Vendors can submit these documents in physical format to Mr. Madhava Katru, Admin & HR Manager, e-Pragati Authority in sealed envelope for offline processing.


  1. Ernst & Young
  2. Tata Consultancy Services