e-Highway is a part of core platform of E-Pragati which integrates the API of various department systems and publishes it. The catalog of API  provides the details of available APIs, corresponding departments.

  • A Common gateway to Govt Depts, Citizens, Developers and  Business entities
  • A wholesome Government API depository
  • An API Governance Framework
  • An Enterprise Information Integration
  • A Reusable API Inventory
  • A framework capable of monetization to unlock the value from API program
  • A lightweight Integration platform which manages

Message Routing, data Mapping, reliability, security, scalability, protocol conversion


API Catalog

Catalog is a central place to list all the APIs owned by e-Pragati. Developers might create the same or similar APIs multiple times because it was not known that there is already an implementation existing. This catalog would help as  a central repository of all the listed APIs


All the incoming requests of the API must make an entry in the catalog with all the possible details prior to publishing on API manager.