e-Pragati Core Platform

“ePragati” is a software platform proposed to be implemented by ePragati Authority, consisting of 72 projects spanning across all major departments and components of GoAP.

The meta-model of ePragati therefore, consists of layers of applications, built around theePragati Core Platform (as defined hereinafter) in the manner set out below:

The salient features of the meta-model of ePragati Core Platform are described below:

(i) At the heart of ePragati lies the ePragati Core Platform, which provides programlevel services, citizen related services rendered by each department, services internal to the department, provides API interface for applications external to the platform.

(ii) The services of the ePragati Core Platform are critical for achieving the vision of ePragati Authority and GoAP, represented by the following goals:

  • “ONE” Government
  • “Citizen-centric” service delivery with a citizen-life-cycle approach. The paradigm for service delivery “Velocity, Access & Transparency”
  • Single point of entry to government services provided through ePragati Portal.
  • Progress towards zero touch points in G2C services through simplification, standardization and automation of services.
  • Ensure best experience “Minimum Interaction with citizen and Deliver Maximum Outcomes”.
  • Accessibility through multiple channels.
  • Integrated interface for communicating by and to the GoAP, inter /intra departmental business functions and services.

(iii) ePragati Core Platform intends to deliver a proven and technological -foundation for digital transformation of G2C, G2B, G2G services, by enabling departments/organizations to streamline operations, deliver consistent service, and modernize operations without interruption.

(iv) ePragati Core Platform enables line departments of GoAP to deploy highly automated applications without extensive configuration, which can precisely meet evolving policy needs and real time governance requirements.

(v) ePragati Core Platform enables development of common applications which are agnostic of the department and relate to horizontal functions of the GoAP, like performance management, productivity tools, workflow management and core data management, open API, messaging, user management, system administration and security. These common applications are built centrally and used in common by all the line departments, with appropriate configuration required by each department.

Empanelled System Integrators

               Areteans Tech
                 Ernst & Young
               JK Technosoft
            Ruletronics Systems
           Tata Consultancy Services
              Tech Mahindra
               Yash Technologies
                  DXC Technology