The Government of Andhra Pradesh (“GoAP”) has been making pioneering efforts to develop the State of Andhra Pradesh as an innovation society of global repute, with a focus on enhancing the quality of life of its citizens, through high-quality education and healthcare, increased productivity in agriculture and allied activities, creation of employment by promoting electronics and information technology, and all, by providing good governance.

The vision of the State of Andhra Pradesh is “To use e-Governance as a tool to provide integrated services to its citizens through a free flow of information, and to usher in an era of Good Governance, to ensure transparency, efficiency, accountability, accessibility and reliability in delivery of such services, to enhance citizen-centricity, responsiveness, inclusiveness and citizen engagement as essential ingredients of good governance”.

Towards achieving the above, the GoAP has constituted the Andhra Pradesh e-Governance Authority as a society registered under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001 having its registered office at APIIC, Industrial Estate, Auto Nagar, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh (“ePragati Authority”). ePragati Authority seeks to help GoAP realize the vision of ‘Sunrise AP 2022’ by supporting the 7 development missions launched by the GoAP in the areas of eGovernance, Social Empowerment, Skill Development, Urban Development, Infrastructure, Industrial Development and the Services sector.

GoAP realize the vision of ‘Sunrise AP 2022’to provide integrated services to citizens through a free flow of information, and to usher in an era of good governance, characterized by efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and foresight. The different dimensions of the vision are described below:

  • Departments and government agencies interoperate with ease and provide integrated services to citizens and businesses.
  • Citizens and businesses will have a seamless and smooth interface with government. This demands to have Enterprise service bus as technology stack with government.
  • Providing common infrastructure and application services will enable one government vision
  • Faster time to market in deploying GoAP services by enabling quick implementation of other sectoral packages. This demands to have zero/low code platforms as technology stack with GoAP.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency by providing access to single source of truth of core data,
  • Readiness to create a richer portfolio of services through the ability to compose new, complex services from simpler services that are already available
  • Ability to create cross-Governmental services through interoperability, service discovery, and invocation
  • Increased stakeholder satisfaction through uniform user interface, consolidated services and multiple access channels.
  • Leverage social, mobile, big data, cloud and internet of things technologies.
  • The medium of paper will be minimized in all G2C, C2G, G2B, B2G, and G2G interactions by listing all the services through ePragati State Portal.
  • GoAP and citizens will be enabled to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies like business process/rules management tools, SMAC and IoT.
  • Principles of open data, open standards and open APIs will be ingrained in the designs of all information systems.
  • ePragati Authority will ensure the right balance between information security and privacy of personal data.

GoAP proposes to realize the vision of ‘Sunrise AP 2022’ by providing integrated services to citizens through free flow of information, integrated services through common state ePragati portal. Further, GoAP envisions having ePragati Core Platform to enable GoAP to develop flexible business application with fewer resources and in very less time. It also provides GoAP with analytical capabilities while protecting the existing assets of GoAP.